Thursday, February 10, 2011

Update - February 10, 2011

Hello to everyone. I hope this year has been kind so far.

I have just a little news I thought some of you would want to know about. The 100 Block Association has now formed and I would encourage those on the 100 Block to get involved there.
Since I have now taken over the Downtown Coordinator duties, I am attending their meetings and I know your representatives there are doing some good work.

One area I heard a lot about while our construction was going on was short term parking. I am pleased to announce that we now have installed two 15 minute parking meters in the Gay Street Viaduct (see picture below) which will be enforced 24/7 including weekends. This is a switch as all parking after 6:00pm and on weekends had been free.

If this accomplishes our goals here, the thought is that we may add a few other meters around town. I have also discussed maybe having a spot or two on the Cradle of Country Music Park area parking lot.

I have also been in discussion about making the current "no parking" area on the 200 Block of S. Gay Street a Commercial Loading area. That way it would be available for parking after 6:00pm and on weekends until such time at the KAT Trolley needs that space. After attending the KAT meetings, it appears to me to be in the fall before that occurs. Of course we have also agreed to create a central space for garbage collection in this part of the 200 Block so we will need to clearly mark off that area.

Some other changes we are discussing, and I believe will happen soon, is to reduce the parking fee on the Jackson Avenue lot. I will post more on this when it happens.

The kiosks planned for the 100 Block are still being discussed and I will continue to pursue that and will let you all know when that happens. The units we hope to order are basically identical to the one installed on the Jackson Avenue parking lot.

I have been in contact with the Service Department and KPD about the dog waste situation and new signs and barrels for the waste have been installed. Everyone of the block needs to take responsibility for their pets, obviously, to help us all keep this area one of the premier spots in the City.

Below is a picture I took of the Block from the Viaduct.

As always, thanks for your interest.