Monday, February 23, 2009

200 Block of Gay Street sidewalk

The sidewalk along the west side of the 200 Block of Gay Street is reopened after a misunderstanding with the Contractor. We had discussed allowing the Contractor to rebuild this portion of the sidewalk at some point as part of this initial utility work. However, we always intended for a least one of the sidewalks to be open at all times.

A sign has been ordered to direct folks to the businesses on the 100 block of Gay Street through this area as well and should be going up soon.

This first week of construction has been challenging as the City of Knoxville and Southern Constructors are just now able to begin to understand the exact issues. For instance, in digging up the old trolley rails which exist in each lane, we uncovered creosote soaked timbers which could create possible environmental issues. This work was being done in order to install a large electrical vault.

The soil in the bottom of the excavation must have the correct soils for the placement of the vault which weighs several tons. Soil at this level was wet and an undiscovered leak was found in the KUB water line which had to be repaired before work could proceed.

We will try to keep information posted on this blog as current as possible.

We thank everyone for their continued patience on the complicated but much needed project.

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