Thursday, August 6, 2009

Construction Update

Work is proceeding in the 2oo Block of S. Gay Street to replace the sewer line. One lane of the street may be open periodically using flagman as we have done before. The complete closure may occur in the next couple of weeks for up to three months. We continue to discuss logistics surrounding this next phase of work and are interested in your comments. I am hopeful that this topic will generate discussion at our 100 Block meeting on August 11, 2009 at 5pm at the Emporium. I have shared my views concerning keeping a least one sidewalk open with adequate signage and I have been assured that this will happen. Also, we have stated that under no circumstances can Vine Avenue and the 200 Block both be closed at the same time. The plan we have discussed also works around that situation. The idea is to go ahead and almost completely finish this phase of work including road and sidewalk so it will be virtually finished. I think this can be helpful as we will have created a more inviting entrance into the 100 block and will also showcase what the 100 Block will look like on completion.

There will likely be rock in at least some of the excavation in Vine Avenue and on the 200 Block so you can expect a bit more noise. There still remains a few utility conflicts to work out but we continue to make progress.

We also have a little more work to do on the 100 Block as several water meters need to be set.
The structural column work is still under review and sidewalk work will probably not commence before September. This work is still planned to start at the former Volunteer Ministry site and proceed south. Some of the discussion concerns the treatment of the remaining older sidewalk and our desire to rebuild it back to the way we found it.

You have probably noticed that we have taken down most if not all of the burlap on the fence. I think this has helped the look of the block since you can now see across the sidewalk once again. It is still a construction zone but that is progress.

As many of you have noticed, this past week and weekend was the time of year for folks to move in and out and many thanks to the Contractors for their assistance in getting people in and out of the work zone to move successfully. I related to KPD that anyone wishing to come into the work zone to load or unload needs to coordinate that move with folks at Southern Constructors who are responsible for the work site. Under no circumstances are people to move the construction barricades and pull into the 100 Block work area without permission. All of the building owners know how to get in touch with the Contractor for help hopefully in advance of any loading/unloading.

I hope everyone enjoys First Friday this week. It looks like the weather should cooperate. The shops and Galleries on the 100 Block rely on the continued support of all of us. I hope to see you there.

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