Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Construction Update - January 13, 2010

The weather has had an impact on our schedule this week but we have still continued to make progress, primarily completing some concrete work as well as continuing utility work in the underground areas of construction. The 200 Block of S. Gay Street has really come along and we began the lane closure on Summit Hill as previously announced (see press release below picture).


The right lane on the westbound side of Summit Hill Drive where it intersects with Gay Street will be closed from 9 a.m. Wednesday, January 13, through 6 a.m. Monday, January 18.

The lane closing is necessary for the completion of utility and street resurfacing work being conducted on the 200 block of Gay Street. The work is part of the ongoing Gay Street Streetscapes project.

Southern Constructors Inc. is the lead contractor for the Streetscapes project. It includes the 100 and 200 blocks of Gay Street - from Jackson Avenue to Summit Hill Drive - and involves the replacement of the street and both sidewalks in addition to other improvements.

More information about this effort is available at

In conjunction with 100 Block utility work, KUB will have some planned outages beginning Friday at 8:00 am until 5:00 pm to move utilities under the western sidewalk. My understanding is that folks impacted may have their power off for 2-4 hours at the longest but hopefully much shorter (see KUB Clearance request below for more detail).

Contractor’s Clearance Request Form

Email to:
Standard 48-hour advance notice

Clearance Date and Start Time requested
8:00AM Friday, Jan 15,2010

Contractor’s Name and phone number
Massey Electric 865-573-4200

Street Address of Clearance (or block, intersection, etc.):
111,117 S. Gay St

Purpose of the Clearance :
Relocate electric service conductors and conduit which are in way of new side walk construction.

Customer contact name and number, if applicable:
1.) 111 S.Gay St Mtr # E1H1000085
North Central Village LLC
2.) 117 ½ S.Gay St Mtr # Z1F0800727
Dewhirst Properties LLC
3.) 117 ½ (E) S.Gay St Mtr #Z1F0800729
Ayoub, Pete
4.) 117 S.Gay St Mtr #Z1F0800730
Dewhirst, David W.
5.) 117 S.Gay St Lot 1 Mtr #Z1F0800724
Dewhirst, David W.
6.) 117 S.Gay St Lot 4 Mtr #Z1F0800723
Dewhirst Properties LLC
Work Order number, if available:

Special requests or concerns:
North Central Village LLC @ 111 S.Gay St does not appear to be occupied.

KUB Troubleman needed? Yes/No

OHC Network crew will be required to disconnect/re-connect service conductors

With temperatures warming we hope to pour concrete in several places the rest of the week beginning today.

Tomorrow the next section of sidewalk on the west side of S. Gay Street will be removed to begin that part of the construction.

Upon completion of this work, the plans now are to move over onto the eastern sidewalk in front of the Emporium around February 9, 2010 after the February First Friday.

I plan to schedule another Public meeting around the middle of February to discuss progress and future plans.

Thanks for your interest.

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