Thursday, April 15, 2010

Construction Update - April 15, 2010

Work crews are making significant progress now that we have better weather. We have work proceeding in all areas of the work zone this week, including some additional sidewalk work in front of the Emporium.

With the new sidewalk poured in front of the facade, we have now moved over into the next and last section of sidewalk on the eastern sidewalk of the 100 Block of S. Gay Street.

Work crews this week have removed the old sidewalk and beams and have begun framing up for the new construction. As has often happened on this project, we have encountered some unexpected utility issues but we don't believe these will cause a delay at this time. We were also unable to take the sidewalks out as a whole as we had been able to do previously because the sidewalk and beams were apparently all poured as one some time ago. This caused the Contractor to have to jackhammer almost all of this sidewalk and manually remove it, which was a very dusty, noisy, and disruptive process.

When this section of sidewalk is complete in about two or three weeks, we now plan to begin on the western sidewalk in front of the restaurants at their request. My understanding is that they both have some remodeling planned to coincide with our construction. If all goes as we hope, we will begin this work in mid May.

The Vine Avenue intersection has worked out quite well and we hope to have the intersection in addition to the 200 Block roadway completely reopened by April 26.
The picture below is of some of the recently poured stained concrete in the intersection. We have also poured additional roadway in this area as well, while we are waiting on this section to cure.

In the week of April 26, we also plan to begin resurfacing and finishing the O.P. Jenkins parking lot which will provide some additional parking for the block upon completion. Of course the old section of State Street will be removed and incorporated into Treble Clef Park at that time as well.

Street lights and street furniture including benches and planters are being delivered and will be installed this week and next. The street lights are in the process of being installed this week and I think they are really looking good with the new sidewalk.

Around the first of June, we plan to finish up some electrical work at the intersection of Jackson Avenue which may necessitate some road closures.
I will post more about that when we have a better schedule.
As always, thanks for your interest.


  1. Rick,

    Do you know if we'll be getting picnic tables at Treble Clef Park?

  2. To my knowledge, not at this time. I think it is likely that the whole Treble Clef park design issue is yet to come. For now, I think it will mostly be green space, with a sidewalk replacment.