Thursday, March 12, 2009

Construction Update

Work is finishing up on the 200 Block of S.Gay Street and we expect to reopen that section on Wednesday, March 18. The Contractor will be installing traffic control for the next phase of work which will include a partial closure of Jackson Avenue, also occurring next Wednesday, March 18. We finally got through that huge boulder and we thank folks on the 100 block for their patience. This was unexpected and required a very large and noisy peice of equipment to basically chisel out the excavation.

Jackson Avenue will not be closed before the 2oo block of S. Gay Street is reopened.

This partial closure will involve the elimination of 4 parking spaces on the west side of S. Gay St. near the intersection with Jackson Avenue and also the elimination of six parking spaces on the east side of S. Gay Street near the Emporium. The Commercial Loading Zone across Jackson from the Emporium will also be needed for this utility work.

This is an improvement in traffic flow from our original plan which called for the intersection of Jackson at Gay to be completely shut down. The electrical vault is painted in the roadway at Jackson if you would like to get an idea of the scope. Also, a small portion of northbound Gay Street will be closed in front of the Emporium for utility work. A lane shift will occur in this area which is the reason for the elimination of parking at those areas.

The result will be that Jackson Avenue will be one-way only from Central Avenue in the Old City westbound. Jackson Avenue eastbound from Broadway will have to turn either south to the 100 block or north toward Regas Restaurant at the intersection with S. Gay Street. Gay Street traffic will be able to travel in both directions from Summit Hill on through Jackson Avenue and beyond. A right turn eastbound toward the Old City on Jackson will not be possible, however. This work should take four to six weeks.

Now that I have thoroughly confused everyone, I plan to have a map on the City web site as soon as possible.

We have moved up this work because of delays in utility work at State and Gay. An AT&T line must be encased in concrete and they have been delayed getting to the site so this work will occur later in the project.

We hope to have the issue with removal of all the construction debris settled in the next few days so we will not have to stockpile at our parking lot on Jackson.

At our meeting Wed. evening we discussed signage and advertising and the issues around loading and unloading. The suggestion was made to use some of the businesses on the 100 block for signage and advertising and we will pass that suggestion on to the CBID. The Contractor offered to work with all parties on these issues as they arise.

Issues surrounding parking and police enforcement also had discussion and we will get with KPD to discuss further. We have asked that KUB check all street lights on Jackson including the parking area for public safety. I have asked that the stairway at Jackson be repaired and reopened the first of April. City Engineering has sent a work order to examine all parking meters, particularly those on the Gay Street Viaduct to insure they are working properly. The "Police Only" sign will be moved so it is not so high off the ground and we are discussing markings on the ground.

Thanks to Leigh Burch for the use of his conference room for this meeting.

I met this week also with Kelley Segars to discuss bicycle detours and other issues. Kelley is working on a detour map for bicyclists as well which will be posted at her website at MPC and also on the City web site.

We did not set a time or place for the next meeting but it will likely occur in a couple of weeks. We will send out a press release and also post on the City website as well as this blog when that meeting is scheduled.

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