Thursday, March 5, 2009

Construction Update

We met for our weekly meeting yesterday morning with the engineers and construction team and mostly discussed the utility work that is ongoing in the 200 Block of S.Gay Street. As you may have noticed, the Contractor has hit solid rock in the excavation at the intersection of S. Gay Street and State Street. This was unexpected and is taking a bit of time to remove. Also, we have come to realize the extent of the numerous utility conflicts in that area. The AT&T line is particularly problematic in that area. Their representative was at our meeting and we have asked them to protect their line by encasing it in concrete as several of the other utilities will be below their location. We should have an idea next week as to what that may entail but likely at least two weeks worth of work. This will involve basically digging a trench from a point just east of State Street to a point in the intersection of Vine. We are hopeful that we will be able to place steel plates across State so it can remain open as much as possible through this period. While this work goes on we will be finishing up the work on the 2oo Block. Summit Hill has now reopened and that work completed except for final repaving.

We got some better news on our soil testing and have worked out a solution so the excavated material will not have to be rehandled. This will involve drilling six bore holes in the 100 Block so we can know we have similar material as what we have previously excavated and tested and can handle it in a similar preapproved manner. This should take 2 days and will probably begin next Tuesday. Traffic controls will be in place around the drill rig throughout this process.

You may notice all of the markings in the street as Tennessee One Call marks the locations of utilities and also as the Contractor marks out their areas for future excavations.

The work on Jackson will follow this work and we are exploring some options there which may allow us to provide better access to the 100 Block during this period.

At the 100 Block Review meeting held Tuesday, March 3, we went over construction to date but also discussed the issues of loading/unloading, signage and advertising, utility work, and security.

The CBID is working on signage and should order some signs in the next few days. We also discussed better signage as far as detours go and some signage is being ordered for that as well. Valet parking signage was discussed and we are working on accommodating that need.

The next update meeting is scheduled for 6:00 pm on Wed. March 11, at the Commerce Lofts Conference Room.

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