Thursday, April 9, 2009

Construction Update

Much of the discussion continues to center on materials handling which greatly impacts the timing of the construction. We know for sure that we will have to separate out at least some of the material but those details, and the permits required, are being worked out. Once that is accomplished we can also begin to haul off, as the Contractors call it, "Mount Jackson".

The 100 Block of Gay Street will be closed beginning on April 20, 2009. It is estimated that it will take one week to take up the asphalt. Measures to control dust are under discussion and will likely involve several different methods.

A press release will be going out soon announcing this closure which is scheduled to be in effect for 12 months. A revised detour map will be on the City web site shortly detailing this closure.

Sidewalk work will probably begin shortly thereafter, most likely beginning over at the Volunteer Mission site and proceeding south.

The partial closure of Jackson will remain for another six weeks, hopefully less. The work will be shifting over at some point and will create the reverse of the current partial closure on Jackson. When that occurs, Jackson will become two way once again from Gay Street to Central and one way from the parking lot on Jackson Avenue to Gay Street with left turn only onto Gay Street. A map will also be shown on the City web site when that occurs.

This work at Jackson is needed due to the extensive electrical upgrades needed in the 100 Block.

The parking lot at Jackson continues to be discussed and I hope to report more on that later. The general condition of the lot, security, and signage are some of the topics.

I am also in discussion with Engineering, KPD, and the Contractor regarding the best way to handle the loading and unloading issues which will occur. We will probably bag some of the meters along State for this purpose and are also discussing possibly making 15 minute parking available in a spot or two on the Gay Street Viaduct.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank Terry Snelling of Southern Contractors for all of his help in working out these issues. He attends our meetings and has been fantastic to work with.

As reported yesterday, I have scheduled a meeting on Monday, April 13, 2009 at 5:00pm in the Chamber of Commerce Conference Room on Market Square (about mid block) to discuss the upcoming construction and to also discuss any other issues. I have also scheduled a meeting on Tuesday April 28, 2009 at 5:00 pm at the Emporium to discuss issues after the road is closed.

I have talked to the City about garbage collection during this period and it will be handled as it is today. Folks that take their garbage to the curb will continue to do so, for instance, and we will come and get it there.

All of the events on First Friday seemed to go well so we are all hoping for the best as the project moves forward.

Last, signage is being discussed and hopefully will be ordered and in place near the time of the closure. The current proposal is for an 8'X 4'sign naming the businesses and with a depiction of the finished construction to be placed on a construction barricade at one side of the closure.

Happy Easter to everyone.

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