Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jackson Avenue Closure

Since the 100 Block closure is now scheduled to occur on Monday, April 20,2009 there is some additional utility work to be completed on Jackson Ave.which will necessitate the complete closure of Jackson Ave. in front of Volunteer Ministry. Continued electrical work is ongoing, but specifically, a waterline must be replaced which spans all of Jackson Ave. This work will take place on Thursday April, 16 and Friday April 17. Jackson Avenue will then be partially reopened late Friday April 17. Maps will be posted on the City website soon and I will also provide a link here.
Basically, folks will be able to travel both ways from Central in the Old City up to Gay St. until the end of the week and then turn either direction onto Gay Street but will not be able to proceed to Broadway. From Broadway, travel is 2 way up to the City parking lot on Jackson Ave. but will be closed just beyond that point. Of course the sidewalk will be open for folks parking and walking up To S. Gay Street.

On Monday, Jackson will be partially closed in front of Volunteer Ministry such that travel is allowed from Central and the Old City, down Jackson Ave. all the way to Broadway or turning north onto Gay Street at the Gay Street Viaduct. Traffic will be limited from Gay Street to Jackson westbound only until you reach the parking lot where two way travel is again available.

I realize it is confusing so I encourage you to view the map.
100 Block S. Gay Street Road Closure Starting April 20 [PDF]

Thanks for your ongoing patience.

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