Friday, June 12, 2009

Construction Update

We are continuing to discuss issues involving utility work in the intersection of Vine Street and S. Gay Street. We are tentatively planning for at least a partial closure of Vine Street at its intersection with S. Gay Street on June 22, 2009. This will be a complicated process as water lines, gas lines, electrical and AT&T lines are located in the intersection and all will be upgraded. This work will most likely take anywhere from two weeks to one month.
As many of you know, we have once again hit the layer of rock that slowed us down a bit at the start of the project. It is very noisy business to try and break through this hard surface and, unfortunately, we will be in this area for some time as the work at Vine may encounter the same situation. Please bear with us. It should not be constant but we will probably have to use equipment each day at some point to proceed with the project.
Valet parking will still be available and the sidewalks will remain open while the work at Vine St. proceeds. Plans are in place to accommodate delivery trucks as the 200 block of Gay Street will remain open. Issues involving the parking lot are also being considered.

Vine Street will become a two way street as well at that time and I will post a traffic control plan along with more details of the construction next week.

Utility work in the 100 Block is really going well and a lot of progress has been made. You may notice the concrete tiles which will make up the stormwater system along the side of S. Gay Street. This work is proceeding at a quick pace.

We should have a plan for the structural columns under the sidewalks so we can begin to get a schedule for work on the to-be-constructed sidewalks in the next couple of weeks.

We are in discussion with PBA concerning the removal of the non-functioning parking control device at the entrance to the Jackson Avenue parking lot and KPD continues to monitor activities in that area.

The mid block crossing created by the Contractor on S. Gay Street was a big success and many thanks go out to them for this bit of work. I have been told that this crossing will likely stay in place for some time so we are grateful for that.
Lastly, thanks to those who attended First Friday downtown last week. The weather was good and folks seemed to have a good time viewing the many excellent exhibits. I am always amazed at the work of the many talented artists we have in our area. If you have not been, I would encourage anyone to come on out and show support for our local artists, of course beginning at the Art Galleries on the 100 block of S. Gay Street.

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