Friday, June 19, 2009

Vine Avenue closure

In order to accommodate the road width needed for the 2 way designation for Vine Avenue, the parking meters along Vine will be bagged for 'No Parking'.

We are also evaluating Walnut Street for a 2 way designation for its entire length as well. Parking on Walnut Street will also likely have to be prohibited if the decision is reached to make the entire length 2 way. Note: that evaluation is now complete and Walnut will remain as is.

Also parking meters on Vine will only be bagged up to the intersection with Walnut.

It was pointed out to me that the map I have online concerning this matter is not clear in the way that State/W. Vine Ave. intersects with S. Gay Street. This entire intersection will likely be closed much of the time such that a left turn onto the 200 Block of S. Gay Street will be prohibited but there will also be times access to Gay Street will be allowed. The Contractor, as I have stated, has pledged to work with delivery folks to make this work out.

I will try to revise the map on Monday to better reflect this situation along with any other map details we may learn about after the closure on Monday.


  1. Is any consideration being made to keep access to the fire hydrant in front of 128 S. Gay St. open? As soon as the street was closed, it became a sort of stake-your-claim parking area, but this has presently been displaced by a large pile of gravel and two pre-cast concrete vaults. There is a significant hazard to the entire block if the fire hydrants can't be kept accessible, especially considering that there's presently absolutely no fire truck access through the center of the block (though I was told at a public meeting prior to the project beginning that this would be maintained).

  2. Thanks for your comment. The fire hydrant at 128 S. Gay Street is accessible. I visited the site today with the Fire Marshall and one of the Chiefs in KFD. They both assured me that this situation is not a problem. They always preplan sites such as ours and have made almost weekly inspections and feel they have a good plan of action. I am unaware of any statements from folks associated with the project concerning maintaining access through the block for vehicle or truck traffic. Pedestrian access is required at all times however.
    Of course the gravel and vaults near the fire hydrant in question are there temporarily while we complete the utility work at Vine which will hopefully be completed in the next couple of weeks.