Thursday, February 25, 2010

Construction Update - February 25, 2010

The sidewalk work planned on the eastern side of S. Gay Street near Vine Avenue has slowed a bit as KUB crews and subcontractors perform some additional utility work in this area, primarily working on a waterline that has caused a narrowing of Vine Avenue at the intersection. The following two pictures reflect the current conditions here.

We continue to make progress on the sidewalk in front of the Emporium and the plan is to pour concrete here by early next week. Our hope is to have most of this work done by First Friday on March 5.

Future work will consist of reconstruction of the Vine Avenue intersection currently scheduled for the middle of March and a continuation of work on the eastern and western sidewalks from Vine Avenue northward.

Also in mid march will be the beginning of the construction needed to reform the two columns near Unarmed Merchants.

Although not totally unexpected, we are disappointed at the news that the popular eatery, Nama, will be moving into the 500 Block of S. Gay Street.

The construction certainly did not help their business but I think everyone recognized their need for more space. Our completed construction still would not have afforded them much more room to expand. They have been fantastic to work with and we wish them well and look forward to assisting in whatever new concept the owners have for this space.

Thanks for your interest.

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