Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Construction Update - March 4, 2010

Work has progressed at a slower pace than we had hoped on the sidewalk in front of the Emporium for a variety of reasons. Obviously weather has factored into this but also we have had design changes once again due to problems with the original elevations among other issues.

The picture below is the work required now to tie in this section to Jackson Avenue.

The steel is continuing to be placed and hopefully we will be able to begin pouring this sidewalk section by Thursday of next week. Of course we have First Friday on March 5, 2010 so the entrance will be as shown in the picture below. The mid-block crossing will be in place for folks to visit the clothing store Eleven as well. The folks at Eleven really need our support right now so please find some time to visit them.

We hope to begin pouring back the sidewalk on the eastern sidewalk near Vine Avenue by March 4, 2010. This work has also been slowed by several factors including some last minute utility work near Vine Avenue. We are continuing to discuss the eventual closure of this intersection but are very mindful of all the issues involved not the least of which is traffic flow.

Additional work on the waterline in this area is planned to continue tomorrow as well.

On Sunday of this week, March 7, 2010, please be prepared for the work needed to drill the micropiles to form the new columns near Unarmed Merchants. This will require a small drilling rig and they plan to begin setting up around 7:00 to 7:30 am Sunday morning and begin drilling around 9:00am or so. This work will require some noise and dust unfortunately. The subcontractor plans to work 12 hours at a time and be finished by Tuesday. This schedule works well for the folks at Unarmed Merchants since they close on those days. The drilling will be required directly in front of their entrance on the sidewalk. We apologize in advance because I know this will likely be disruptive.

Once again, I hope to see you at First Friday on March 5, 2010. Looks like right now the weather should be decent so I hope you can come out and help support our Downtown and the Art Community.

Thanks for your interest.

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