Thursday, May 6, 2010

Construction Update - May 6, 2010

Thankfully we did not receive the massive amounts of rain this weekend others experienced so we had minimal problems with our 100 Block Construction efforts.

This week has been devoted primarily to repaving the O.P. Jenkins area parking lot. We hope to have this parking lot striped for parking and reopened by First Friday tomorrow night.

We are also working on the small section of sidewalk along Summit Hill and hope to have that reopened by tomorrow as well. Unfortunately, KUB chose to block the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street at the same time which has created some pedestrian confusion. We have coordinated our efforts pretty well so far but somehow this timing did not get communicated.

The widened area of sidewalk in front of the Commerce building was also completed this week. Sometime in the next month we will probably go ahead and finish this with the colored concrete topcoat.

We moved over to the sidewalk in front of the restaurants this week. The first day we started work a little earlier than usual which generated several complaints. We apologize for the early hours but we had promised to help the restaurants as best we could and in order for them to have a lunch opening, we had to start earlier. The noise component of our work ended this morning and the next two sections will not have the same business pressures so we should work a normal schedule. Our normal contract hours are 7 to 7 .

The picture below is of the concrete saw cutting through the beams at Ollantays Havana Nights restaurant.

Our neighbors to the north have also been impacted by our construction especially Regas Restaurant. We have placed some additional signage around to help folks find their way there and we have plans to have some Streetscape work go on there in the near future.

Just another note on some of the comments on my last post. We have plans to repair existing sidewalk in the O.P. Jenkins area and to replace missing sections which were removed by utility construction.

Vine Avenue is still a subject of some discussion. As it stands currently, upon project completion, and maybe even sooner, Vine Avenue will revert back to its one way status and the parking along that section of Vine will be restored. I am getting with Engineering to understand more about this but my understanding is that for Vine Avenue to remain two way, then the parking will have to be eliminated.

Please make plans to attend our Streetscapes update meeting scheduled for Monday May 10, at 5:30pm at the Emporium.

We will be discussing the work completed to date and our future schedule and timing.

Additional topics we plan to add for discussion include garbage pickup on the 100 Block, plans for a Grand Opening Celebration, and ideas for the newly created green space along the 200 Block.
Of course First Friday is tomorrow night and I hope to see you there.
Thanks for your interest.

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