Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Construction Update - May 27, 2010

Please don't forget the Jackson Avenue closure scheduled for June 1, 2010 at the Gay Street Viaduct. This closure will completely block off Jackson Avenue there for around two weeks for KUB electrical work. After that time we will reopen the road for a short time before we finish repaving as part of the Streetscapes project.

The sidewalk along Jackson Avenue will not be affected by this temporary closure.

We have really poured a lot of concrete the last few weeks and this week was no exception.The pictures below are of the roadway areas recently restored as well as the sidewalk areas in front of the restaurants.

The Contractor has now moved over into the next to the last section of the western sidewalk. The pictures below were taken in front of the former Harolds deli site and also Unarmed Merchants. We are working on the columns and beams in this area and hope to have the structural concrete poured back here by First Friday on June 4.

Work is continuing on finishing up the entire eastern sidewalk with the colored concrete topcoat. The Contractor has started the process of framing this area beginning at Vine Avenue and will probably begin pouring concrete here next week.

We have ordered traffic control signs to go at the O. P. Jenkins parking lot area where the parking area intersects the 200 Block of S. Gay Street sidewalk and we hope to have those installed this week.

As most of you know, the 100 Block is a very congested work site these days so please help us all out by using caution. We have tried to create several walking paths around the area but with so many paths having been created, there may occasionally be conflicts with vehicles entering the site. We apologize for all of the occasional inconvenience when folks find the pathway they used yesterday now blocked, but to finish the project we need this flexibility.
By First Friday, we hope to have almost half of the 100 Block poured back with structural concrete so please hang in there with us just a little longer.
The look of the 100 Block will change dramatically in the next few weeks and I hope everyone will be pleased with the outcome.
Thanks for your interest.

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