Thursday, July 23, 2009

Construction Update

We are still finishing up the last bit of utility work on the 100 Block primarily on the Vine Avenue end of the block. Hopefully in the next week we will have extended the stormwater utility which we are currently working on all the way to Vine Avenue. At that point we hope to begin excavation for the subgrade and then hopefully putting back in some of the rock on the balance of the 100 Block.

The final design of the columns under the sidewalk is still being reviewed by all those involved and we hope to start work very soon on this next phase, probably in the next few weeks. I should know more about this by our meeting on August 11. My hope is that once we begin actually forming up and pouring concrete, we can get a more reliable schedule of work so folks can know when their sidewalk may be affected. Some work is going on under the sidewalk now as we prepare for that next phase of work. At some point it will be necessary to close off access to the underground areas for the safety of all involved.

Of course finishing up this work means we are also closer to having to finish up some utility work in the 200 Block which will force Vine Avenue to be closed for some period of time. We are still discussing all of the logistics associated with that move keeping in mind issues that arose when we previously worked in the 200 Block.

I have included several pictures of the site for those who may be interested and not down there often.

This pic is taken from the midblock crossing looking toward Jackson Avenue and shows the area which is completed except for some minor utility work. This is the area we plan to begin preparing for the final grade work.

This is the stormwater work still to be completed in the next week or so.

This pic is from the midblock crossing looking south toward Summitt Hill.

Another pic taken from the crossing created along Jackson and again showing the area that is close to being completed. There is a strong possibility that we can also take down the fencing when this bit of work is finished.

This picture was taken looking down Vine Avenue to its intersection with the 100 Block. This work will be very complicated when we actually begin as all of the utilities come together here.. You can see all of the patches in the road where previous work has taken place.

Thanks for all of the encouraging comments from everyone. I have shared them with those involved in the project and we all appreciate it.

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