Thursday, July 9, 2009

Construction Update

I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable holiday. Much work has been done in the last couple of weeks and it looks like AT&T has finished up their work in the Vine/ Gay Street intersection. More work is to be done however, as gas, electric, water and storm are all slated for improvement here. We have been fortunate to have been able to keep at least one lane of the intersection of Vine Street and S. Gay Street open but in a few weeks, we will most likely have periodic closures.

Unfortunately we have also had discussions about the possibility of closing at least some of the 200 Block once again to finish up all of this utility work.

I plan to schedule an update meeting for the 100 Block sometime near the first of August/ end of July and we should know much more about these issues by then.

Also, we now have the design for the columns supporting the sidewalk and are planning the sequence of events to begin that work. We have decided to replace the existing columns with new and improved columns which will effect the timing of the sidewalk replacement. We still plan to begin at the sidewalk in front of the former Volunteer Ministry building. Since it is unoccupied (except for the apartments above) and in such a tricky spot with the curve and the Jackson Avenue ramp tie in, we figure this is probably the worst case so we can learn what works best without the usual inconveniences. Of course access around the work area will have to be maintained throughout this process.

The end of July and first of August is also sure to see an influx of folks moving in and out and we are preparing for that.

As promised, the Contractor has built a crossing along Jackson Avenue which has been well received.

Thanks to KPD for locating the Skywatch unit back on the Jackson Avenue parking lot. We continue to look into improvements here and have recently had the non-functioning parking equipment removed. A 'Free Parking' sign is planned and we have continued to have discussion regarding fencing and security cameras.

Last, thanks to Mr. Michael Haynes for the positive article in this weeks Metro Pulse. We are being successful here only because of the teamwork shown by contractors, residents and businesses in getting the job done. Thanks to all of you.

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