Tuesday, July 14, 2009

KUB water outage

The outage may occur on Thursday from 3am until 7am on the west side of the 100 Block. KUB is running some tests and if all goes well they will begin their notification procedure. Hopefully the outage will be no more than 2 hours but they always schedule the extra time in case of problems. I will post more on this tomorrow after the weekly construction meeting.


  1. Rick,

    Now that you are further along and have a better understanding of what conditions are, can you give a clearer outline of the timing of the work ahead. Not looking for daily schedule, but maybe next six months?

  2. Please note the change of date from Friday morning to Thursday morning. KUB has confirmed that and should be sending notice.

  3. Within the next six months we will certainly be working on the structure itself, i.e. sidewalk and road, beginning with the sidewalks. I should know even more by the to-be-scheduled meeting the first of August.