Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Construction Update - June 3, 2010

As many of you know, we have now closed the intersection of Jackson Avenue and Gay Street for about two weeks for some much needed electrical work for KUB.

I thought I would post these two old pictures I had of that intersection. The first picture is of the first reconstruction efforts in 1919 and the second is of a parade downtown after construction.

Of course every one hundred years or so some maintenance is required so here we are again.

The picture below is of some additional trolley rails we encountered.

When the Gay Street Viaduct was reconstructed the grades were such that some of the brickwork for the Jackson Avenue ramps had to be covered with pavement to match grade. The picture below is of some of that brickwork we have uncovered for this phase of work.
Some folks had called with questions about our traffic control signs and those should have been better positioned by now. Please let me know if any problems are noted.

Of course, one of the main issues here is dealing with an old KUB vault in the middle of the intersection.

The 100 Block of S. Gay Street is really starting to take shape now as reflected in the next picture. The structural concrete has been poured back for the sidewalk in front of the restaurants and also for the next section near Unarmed Merchants. The last remaining section is being removed today near Dewhirst Properties and we hope to have that last section back in concrete in about two weeks. In the meantime we will also pour concrete for the remaining roadway sections and also begin the colored concrete topcoat. This bit of work for the topcoat will occur primarily at night after 7:30 and will only involve concrete trucks and wheelbarrows so we hope to make as little noise here as possible. The concrete should set up by the next morning so most folks will not be as inconvenienced.

We have placed a sign at the O. P. Jenkins area parking area intersection with the 200 Block for safety and will continue to monitor its effectiveness.

Lest we forget, we have come a long way on improvements for this area. Thanks to Michael Haynes for providing the following picture of the 100 Block from the early 70's I am guessing.

This weekend will bring many great events downtown with First Friday on June 4 along with our first ever Biscuit Festival so please come downtown and enjoy all of the festivities and make sure to visit all of our merchants while you are here, particularly our friends on the 100 Block of S. Gay Street such as Eleven, URbhana, Unarmed Merchants, Slamdot, and Nama. Ollantay's Havana Nights is undergoing some renovation as I understand it, and will be reopening soon.
Also don't forget Regas Restaurant just on the other side of the Gay Street Viaduct.
Be sure to visit Hola's office at the Emporium while you are there on Friday. Works by Colombian artist Jorge Yances will be on display, along with works by many other artists in other sections of the Emporium and the UT Art Gallery next door.
Of course many other fine artists will have their work displayed at all of the galleries downtown as well and I know they all would appreciate your continued support.
City People will be sponsoring a downtown dash tomorrow as well. Registration 6-7pm outside of Pete's on Union Ave. Race begins at 7:30pm!

Lastly, Slamdot will be hosting a Farragut/West Knox Chamber of Commerce networking event on Thursday, June 17th, from 5 pm to 7 pm at the Slamdot Store downtown, located at 108 S. Gay Street. For more details on this event, please visit the Slamdot website at the link on this page.
Thanks for your interest.

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  1. Downtown had some awesome density back then. Hopefully once the economy recovers we will see some new infill type projects branching off of Gay Street. Looking good.