Thursday, September 10, 2009

Construction Update - September 10, 2009

Plans are being made to begin the work on Fire Street alley as early as next week. We are waiting on Tennessee One Call to mark out the utilities before we begin and we expect that to be completed by the end of the week. Some of the utilities have already been marked and those of you who venture that way can see just how many utilities exist in that small area.

Still, we are hopeful that we can proceed as planned with minimal utility conflict there. The work will probably take close to a month, maybe less.

The phasing of work, as I understand it, will be to begin at Jackson Avenue going north with milling up the existing asphalt and surface, followed by some grading, and then finally pouring of concrete, probably in three phases.

We have discussed the issues of access for folks who use the parking garage across Fire Street as well as the garbage collection issues and hopefully can work around those situations with minimal disruption.

Electrical work appears to have accelerated on the 100 Block and we are hopeful that KUB will be far enough along that we can proceed with utility work, including final grade work, in the 200 Block of S. Gay Street as we had planned a few weeks ago. The work in the 200 Block may take up to three months but should have the finished look when completed.

We continue to have some issues to resolve with the supporting structures under the sidewalks and are working through yet another design and the costs associated. As soon as those issues are resolved, we will begin that work. We are still planning to start construction on the west sidewalk at Jackson Avenue.

The Jackson Avenue parking lot continues to get heavy use. I noted 130 cars parked there yesterday. As soon as we receive a written document from the owner, we will proceed with our planned signage and other possible upgrades.

Just to clarify from the most recent article by Hayes Hickman in the News- Sentinel concerning the Jackson Avenue parking lot acquisition, we intend to provide free parking at least until the end of the Streetscapes Project.

I attended another successful First Friday and was glad to see so many folks downtown and on the 100 Block. It was an eventful weekend for sure.

Thanks for your interest.

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