Thursday, September 24, 2009

Construction Update - September 22, 2009

Work continues in Fire Street alley and is scheduled to be completed in a couple of weeks. The old asphalt has been taken up and additional grading is being completed in the next week before stone is brought in and eventually a new concrete surface constructed. This pic is taken from below Jackson Avenue in front of Heuristics Workshop.

Electrical utility work is still on schedule as KUB has had two crews working to energize the newly installed electric service. A part of this work involves taking out the old transformer residing in an old electric vault in front of the Sterchi Building. Gordon Bryant of KUB sent me these interesting pictures of that transformer being installed over forty eight years ago in 1961. I find the background of these pictures interesting as well as it show some of the businesses and street traffic. This transformer weighed in at around 6500 pounds.

I found the picture above interesting in that the poster on the light pole appears to be for a United Way campaign.

This is a pic of the old transformer being removed. The old vault under the sidewalk will be demolished as part of the sidewalk construction process.

Some work is going on under the sidewalk on the west side of S. Gay Street as the coal shoots we have discovered going into many of the buildings are being covered up with steel plates in anticipation of the new construction.

Electric work is also being done in the sidewalk near the entrances to Havana Nights and Skyline Exhibits. This work should be completed this week. Note the massive old trolley rails. I have been told these weigh almost 100 pound per foot.

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