Thursday, September 3, 2009

Construction Update - September 3, 2009

Due to some potential conflicts with KUB electrical service, we have decided to delay the construction on the 200 Block of S. Gay Street for some time, possibly a month.

In order to keep the project on schedule and to keep Contractors working, we now plan to go ahead and complete the work to be done in the Fire Street Alley between S. Gay Street and State Street behind the Sterchi and the Emporium. This work was phased for the end of construction but can also be completed now. It will involve milling up the pavement and asphalt and pouring concrete with some very minor utility work.

If anyone has any issues to be considered here, please notify me. I am aware of the garbage collection issues there and possible other access issues. These were situations that we knew we would have to deal with from the first. I also believe there may be some drainage issues which hopefully can be addressed as well.
We had what I believe was a very productive meeting today on the issue of column replacement and all parties seem to be working toward a resolution. I am very hopeful that I will be able to report on a timeline in the near future for work on the sidewalks.

I have relayed as best I know them, the various schedules and timing issues with folks on the 100 Block to the Contractor for consideration in the scheduling of work. Please continue to let me know your needs in this area.

The issue of the Jackson Avenue parking lot has now been resolved and the City will be purchasing the property as per our original terms as I understand it. Thanks to all who worked on this including the property owners and KCDC.

I believe Mr. Michael Haynes article in Metro Pulse today very correctly outlined the problem and issues and now we are a little closer to getting a handle on the issue of parking in the area.

I am looking forward to another successful First Friday tomorrow with Boomsday and also football to follow. I hope everyone has a nice Holiday and will hopefully see you on the 100 Block.

Thanks for your interest.

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