Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Construction Update - March 11, 2010

As shown in the picture below, we have finally been able to pour concrete for the section of the eastern sidewalk along S. Gay Street near Vine Avenue. By having this section reopened, access should be greatly improved on the block.

I realize that Sunday and Monday brought less than ideal conditions for travel on the block and I apologize on behalf of the City and the Contractor for all of the inconveniences. That being said, for us to have any hope of completing this project in a timely manner, we must have the ability to work occasional weekend hours and in more than one area at a time and we hope folks will recognize that the travelways will probably be changing often. Granted the crushed rock pathways are not the same as a concrete sidewalk but we believe they are still functional for the short term.

As we begin the work needed in mid-block, traversing the area will obviously become more challenging. If you have specific needs throughout this process, please don't hesitate to let me or the Contractor know about them and we will make every effort we can to accommodate you as we have in the past.

We are now working in front of FMB Advertising on the western sidewalk near Vine Avenue (see picture below) and this work is going quickly. We hope to pour back this section of sidewalk tomorrow.

The western sidewalk is currently open from Jackson Avenue all the way down to FMB.

Several pathways have been created to reach the Emporium and adjacent businesses. The eastern sidewalk can also be accessed from here (see next two pictures).

We plan to pour concrete in front of the Emporium tomorrow and also pour concrete on the western side near here for a bump out and an extended curb. This will allow us to have the next section of roadway poured here next week.

Following this concrete work, on Monday, we plan to begin the next section of sidewalk from Slamdot, past the WNOX facade, to near the entrance of the Sterchi Building. The entrance to the Sterchi will not be affected by this. The aluminum sidewalk will not be able to be accessed from S. Gay Street from noon on Monday for several hours while we remove the sidewalk for several reasons not the least of which is safety. We are hopeful this work can proceed at a good pace and then we can completely finish the eastern sidewalk in the next phase of work.

While we are working on the eastern side, we will also begin some work on the western sidewalk underground to begin construction of the cross beam needed to work with the completed shafts created by the micropiles which, as you all know, were drilled earlier this week.

There are now two remaining sections of the western sidewalk to complete after we finish the eastern sidewalk.

Obviously it will be a challenge to finish all of the work by August given the many obstacles but we are all working toward that goal.

Please hang in there with us for a few more months so we can complete this much needed project.

Thanks for your interest.

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