Friday, March 12, 2010

Construction Update - March 12, 2010

I am happy to report that we have finally had the concrete poured for the eastern sidewalk in front of the Emporium. Thanks to Mike Berry for sending me these pictures yesterday.

I also received some good news this past week on another front. Many of you have been asking the City to assist in getting Comcast to extend their services onto the western side of the block. I have set up Comcast with KUB on a couple of occasions without success. City Councilman Nick Pavlis happened to be on the 100 Block last week and the subject of utilities came up. As most of you know, Nick is very knowledgeable about this issue and offered to intercede. I am happy to report that he called me this week to tell me that Comcast plans to provide service to the folks on the western side of the block in the very near future. Thanks Nick for all of your help.


  1. When will the sidewalk in front of Sterchi be started on, and how long do you estimate that construction to last?

  2. The Contractor started on the next section of work on the eastern sidewalk yesterday and that work should end near the entrance to the Sterchi. My understanding is that this work will take from 3-5 weeks. At that point they will proceed to the next section which will finish up the sidewalk construction on the eastern sidewalk.