Thursday, March 18, 2010

Construction Update - March 18, 2010

With better weather on the horizon, we hope to make real progress from here on out. The picture below is of the completed sidewalk (except for the two inch colored concrete topcoat) on the eastern sidewalk at S. Gay Street and Vine Avenue.

The picture below is of the completed sidewalk in front of the Emporium on S. Gay Street. The plywood sections will be the location of the glass block panels upon completion.

With this construction we are finally able to reopen the sidewalk along Jackson Avenue so folks can avoid oncoming traffic.

We began the next phase of sidewalk work this week from the end of the Emporium construction on up to the entrance to the Sterchi Building. By today the old beams have been removed and the columns ready for new construction (see next four pictures).

In order to protect the existing facade, the Contractor provided shoring under the sidewalk. The picture below was taken from the aluminum walkway adjoining the facade.

As we experienced on the western sidewalk, we also located old coal shoots (see the next two pictures). Thanks again to Mike Berry for providing me some of these pictures.
This old coal shoot has now been removed.

The folks at KUB asked me to inform everyone that they plan to work on a waterline in the parking lot near O.P Jenkins on Friday and should be finished by the end of the day. Some parking meters will likely be bagged to accomplish this work.

Thanks for your interest.

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