Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Construction Update

Demolition work is continuing in the 100 Block and excavated material is being hauled off. This work may take another couple of weeks as we work around the ongoing utility work.

Vine Street will be partially closed beginning 3:00 pm Monday for a couple of days to install a water line. Pedestrian traffic will be maintained and clearly marked so folks can know the sidewalk is still opened. Deliveries will be accommodated as well. More work will be done at this intersection in the future and we are working on a plan and a timeline to try to mitigate any problems. Any outages will follow the normal KUB protocols including 48 hour notice.

Work has slowed a bit while we investigate the structural integrity of the columns under the sidewalk since these columns are almost 100 years old.

We plan to drill some bore holes beginning Friday which will necessitate closing small portions of the sidewalk. The three locations to be bored are currently marked on the sidewalk with an X in black. The first is planned for Friday morning in front of Volunteer Ministry. Each boring may take up to four hours to complete. A pedestrian pathway will be provided around the drill rig while this work continues.

Hopefully this will go smoothly and we can make some decisions in regard to structural issues so the project can keep on schedule.

We had an unfortunate issue occur on site this afternoon when a piece of concrete flew off the bucket of the excavating equipment and cracked the window at Slamdot. We immediately stopped all excavation work and called in a glass replacement company. The glass should be replaced today. We have been fortunate so far but to insure nothing like this happens again, the Job Superintendent has ordered that a safety plan including a protection fence be erected before work resumes. Our apologies to Sean and the folks at Slamdot. They were very gracious to us. We are very lucky to have such understanding folks on the 100 Block.

Some work under the sidewalk on the east side is also continuing, with a KUB vault to be removed as the next phase.

As always, thanks to all the folks who are working hard to make this project work out for everyone.


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