Friday, May 29, 2009

Construction Update

Utility work is continuing on the 100 block this week as the remaining electrical vault work is being completed. Work on the storm drain system has also started.

Most of the excavated material has now been hauled off and we will being hauling off material from 'Mount Jackson' in the near future.

Testing of the soils and other components needed to finish the structural design of the sidewalks is also underway and is mostly completed as well.

This is a picture of the entryway to the western area under the sidewalk taken from the tract of land northeast of the Jackson Avenue parking lot. The Contractor makes certain that this entrance is locked each evening. In addition, the Contractor has covered the unsecured areas under the sidewalk areas as an additional safety measure.

You may have noticed the KPD Skywatch unit placed on the Jackson Avenue parking lot this week. This unit is equipped with remote control cameras as well as being manned as needed. We continue to work with KPD on security measures for the area and are grateful for their thoughtfulness in helping avoid any problems.

This is a picture of the underground area from the lower sidewalk looking south toward Vine Street.

We will be discussing additional advertising opportunities with CBID for the businesses on S. Gay Street in the near future.

We continue to make progress on this project and appreciate the understanding of all of the folks on the 100 Block while we tackle the many unusual challenges.

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