Thursday, May 21, 2009

Construction Update

Drilling has now been completed on the western sidewalk. Only two bore holes were drilled instead of the three proposed. Environmental firm S&ME did this work for us to help evaluate conditions for the structural work to be done for the sidewalk reconstruction. Our consultant, Vaughn and Melton will take those results and recommend a course of action for the City to review.

In the meantime, mainly utility work is continuing .

The work at Vine has been mostly completed for now but more will need to be done in the future which will necessitate the complete closure of a small portion of Vine at its intersection with S. Gay Street for a brief period of time. We will give ample notice when we schedule that bit of work and will have a traffic control plan in place which will involve designating Vine Street as 2 way.

Excavated material is continuing to be removed from the site and we are very close to being able to remove the stored material from Jackson Avenue.

The City has removed the non-functional chain length fencing for the Jackson Avenue parking lot and we hope to have further enhancements in the future, including lighting and fencing and increased security.

The Contractor has informed me that they will observing the Memorial day holiday on Monday so no work will be going on at that time.

Discussions have been held with Comcast and KUB concerning extending Comcast services into the western side of the 100 block of Gay Street and I am hopeful that this will be completed in short order.

As always, we appreciate everyone's patience and understanding.


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  2. Hello, Bob the Builder here. I totally agree.
    We can fix it. Yes we can.