Thursday, May 7, 2009

Construction Update

Work is continuing this week in removing the hardscape from the 100 block. We hope to finish up this work in the next week or so.

KUB is continuing their work on electrical, gas, and waterlines as well. A gas line is scheduled for excavation in the next week which will cross State St. (W. Vine to some) and also into Vine Street itself. I also believe a water line is due for some additional work at the same time. Any disruptions of service will be at night and will follow the standard notification procedure for KUB with 48 hour notice.

Traffic controls will be in place so we hope to minimize any problems.

You may have also noticed concrete being poured along the western side of S. Gay Street and this is flowable fill being installed to encase the waterline to prevent future damage when we begin the actual roadway repair.

Now that we have begun working under the sidewalk on the west side of the street, we are realizing the complexity of the project. To that end we are taking the time to better understand the structural issues associated with the rebuilding of the sidewalk and are awaiting further testing and recommendation from our structural engineers. This will delay our sidewalk work at least one month so, instead of possibly working on the northern sidewalks in the next few weeks, it is more likely to occur no earlier than mid June.

We have also started the excavation of the dividing walls under the eastern sidewalks and hope to have that bit of work done in the next week or so.

With all of the rain, we have experienced some issues with drainage and we are taking steps to rectify any situations that may be caused.

We were informed that the advertising sign at Jackson had been blocked by construction signage and we have taken steps to have those removed so the sign is visible.

We met with folks in the last week concerning the Jackson Avenue parking lot and continue to work to improve this lot both for security and also for general maintenance.

We continue to thank everyone for their patience throughout this complicated project and welcome any comments or suggestions anyone might have.

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